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Douarnenez Festival, sailing holidays


Discover the seafaring communities of our Atlantic coastline and the many festivals held throughout the year. Enjoy the food, music, and of course their passion for racing, competition, and tradition.

Their are countless celebrations held by the classic boating community around our coast and beyond. ..if there's one nearby, you can be sure we'll be heading for it, It's the perfect excuse to relax and unwind in good company; to meet other boats, go sailing, race and generally have a good time.

With the original Pilot Cutter race "The Cock of the Channel" at the end of the Summer, we usually head south at the beginning of the year to the "Classic Sailing, Pilot Cutter World Championships" down at St Mawes, an ideal excuse to see the Pilot Cutter fleet old and new, and square up against them in some friendly racing before the celebrations start in earnest. following on and depending on the year there is the  "Pilot Cutter Fastnet Race" a unique event culminating in celebrations at Baltimore in Southern Ireland; And then of course the festivals of Paimpol or Brest & Douarnenez ..a Mecca for traditional and wooden boat lovers.

Edith Gray, Agnes, St Mawes, classic SailingWe also offer the chance to charter the whole boat for the “St Georges Cup” and “Round the Island Race”. both on the south coast (the Isle of wight);   let us know if you are interested and we'll see if we can fit it in our itinerary.

When we return to the Bristol Channel we can venture along the North Devon and Cornish Coast to the "St Ives Boats in the Bay" festival for a gathering of Luggers and traditional fishing craft, and at the end of November visit the beautiful village of Clovelly for their "Clovelly Herring Festival".

Of course the Portishead Cruising Clubs Gluwein Race on or about the 30th December is not to be missed for all you hardy folk out there!